5 Top Scuba Diving Spots on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Scuba Diving

5 Top Scuba Diving Spots on the Sunshine Coast

“When the thrill of visiting a vast world inhabited by only ones who live deep within the waters~ grabs at the soul, the heart of a diver shall answer tank in hand”. (KED)

Experiencing the wonders of the underwater world wouldn’t be complete without first diving into the pristine waters of the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast aims to not only maintain a natural and growing habitat for the creatures of the deep blue wild but also for those who enjoy the magnificent sight of these wonders in nature. Plan a fun in the sun vacation and stay at the Clubb Coolum Beach Resort for a near-perfect diving climate year round. Prioritise your time to ensure you get to visit one or more of these Top 5 Scuba Diving Spots on the Sunshine Coast.

The world famous and most sought after dive is the HMAS Brisbane. Decommissioned in 2001, she was sunk in 2003 and within a month, the wildlife has set up home. Research has already shown the HMAS Brisbane to be a well colonised and visited artificial reef. Divers will revel in the embryonic corals, green sea turtles, happy moments, yellowtail kingfish and more are regular visitors. Visibility is typically 12-15m. Centrally located to the Coolum beach, you can very well enjoy a day of diving without worry as the family will have plenty to do on any given day.

The Inner Gneerings offer a wide and vast network of coral reefs. The multitude of colours, densities, crops and shelves are enough to leave any diver busy for decades of magnificent dives. There are multiple diving spots located within the Inner Gneerings. Divers will certainly require repeat trips to experience the full effect of the marine life.

Jew Shoal located only 20 minutes from the beautiful Coolum Beach, this popular dive spot calls out to open water divers that want to view the underwater canyons. The caves and swim throughs offer views of reef fish and marine invertebrates by the thousands. The walls are colourfully decorated with coral daring the inexperienced to reach out and touch it. The complexity of the canyons, ridges and bommies make the Jew Shoal a sunken treasure.

Wolf Rock is screaming for suits advanced open water divers to tackle the sheer and terrifying 30m volcanic pinnacle. Do you have what it takes to dive with the endangered nurse sharks while navigating overhanging ledges, gutters and the thousands of other marine life staring into your mask? While not dangerous, the nurse sharks sheer size can pack a punch when in the wrong location. Beginner divers should stay clear; this is no place for you.
Mudjimba Island is a great dive and snorkeling adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Take a break from sunning on the Coolum Beach. Let the divers delve deeper into the vast colours of coral and marine life in the shallow waters while the kids get to try their hand at snorkeling high above.

Life in the open water offers the greatest rewards when viewed from the bottom up. The sanctuary of silence opens the eyes to all things beautiful and wonderful.

The beauty of these 5 Top Scuba Diving Spots on the Sunshine Coast are all within a short distance of the Clubb Coolum Beach Resort and Coolum Beach. It is a great match up with even greater rewards.

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