Enjoy Breakfast at Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach Breakfast Venues

Enjoy Breakfast at Coolum Beach

Enjoy your Sunshine Coast breakfast sunny side up!

Coolum Beach is one of the most popular beach towns that can be found on the Sunshine Coast, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it boasts a fair number of cafes and other eating establishments that are sure to suit the tastes of those searching for them. In particular, interested individuals might want to check out their breakfast menus, which will enable them to look out upon stunning scenes of sea and sand while sampling their particular favorites.

What Are Some of the Best Places to Have Breakfast at Coolum Beach?

Here are some of the best places to have breakfast at Coolum Beach

Little Lane Espresso

Like its name suggests, Little Lane Espresso can be found on a side street. As a result, its comparative seclusion has provided it with a more peaceful feel than most of its counterparts, which makes it well-suited for people who are seeking to avoid the crowds that are so common at Coolum Beach. In particular, it should be noted that Little Lane Espresso serves up an excellent cup of coffee as well as a fine selection of tapas in the morning, thus making it that much more appealing for interested individuals.

MaBoulange Café Patisserie

Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that the MaBoulange Café Patisserie is run by a French couple, which in turn, means that it offers French breads, cakes, and pastries in addition to its more Australian fares. This combination of cuisines means that the place is more than capable of satisfying a wide range of people with a wide range of tastes, which makes it well-suited for those who are interested in seeing what the location has to offer them.

Raw Energy

A lot of people continue to pay close attention to not just eating well but also eating right even when they are out. For them, there is Raw Energy, which specializes in serving up fresh food, fresh juices, and fresh smoothies that are both delicious and nutritious. Examples of its menu items range from tofu rollups to gluten-free burgers, meaning that it is the place to start for people who need to be careful about what they eat.

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Visiting the places mentioned here becomes that much easier when people are staying at Clubb Coolum, which is situated within convenient walking distance. In other words, our guests can expect not just convenient access to Coolum Beach but also all of the amenities that can make a great vacation that much better.