Swim with the Whales on the Sunshine Coast

Swim with the Humpback whales on the Sunshine Coast

Swim with the Whales on the Sunshine Coast

There are some experiences in life that come by when on vacation that are just too good to miss, and possibly never have the chance to experience again.

One of these is swimming with the great majestic creatures of the ocean…the Humpback whale.

The Sunshine Coast offers an incredible opportunity for realizing the dream of swimming with the whales. As the whales migrate on an annual basis, The Sunshine Coast receives a significantly high number of visitors, all yearning for that unique opportunity of seeing these beautiful and amazing creatures, but most will not get up as close to them as swimming right alongside them.

Only recently one Sunshine Coast company have have the opportunity to offer this truly unique experience for visitors to the Sunshine Coast, but obviously as this is only available while the Whales are on their migrational journey, and weather permitting, it is a very limited experience so bookings are essential.

If you’re planning a stay at Coolum Beach, the managers at Clubb Coolum can assist in all your whale watching charter needs and book a vacancy before you arrive to ensure first-hand that you don’t miss out.

The pre-booking feature is favorable for visitors who may not be able to visit the beach immediately, yet they yearn for the adventurous and unique opportunity. You can also choose to stay in the spacious, luxurious and well-maintained rooms provided by Clubb Coolum as you continue enjoying the moments. Located ten minutes away from the sunshine coast, you will appreciate the stay and the fantastic view of the cost while at Clubb Coolum.

While swimming with the whales you do need to be cautious as, not only for your own safety but also for concerns and protection for the Whales themselves, so for this reason groups of ten people per group is the maximum.

July to November of each year is essentially a busy and adventurous period for the Sunshine Coast, with the winter months the main opportunity to experience the Whales closer to the Sunshine Coast shores.

So if you’re planning a visit to the Coast, and would like to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the great Humpback Whales up close, ensure you contact Clubb Coolum Resort and book early.

Miss it and you’ll regret it.